Chimney Repair & Rebuilds

Lancaster Flagstone, Brick & Concrete continues to provide the best chimney repair service in the greater Toronto area. We’re fully insured, provide free estimates, and pride ourselves in quality chimney repair and rebuilds.

Once we’re done our work – you can trust that your chimney will look great, it will be safe for you and your family, and it will be able to stand the test of time.

15 Years Of Chimney Repair in London, Ontario

What ever the issue is with your chimney, over the years, we’ve seen and tackled it all. Whether you have a cracked/leaking chimney cap, the brick is crumbling, or the whole chimney is completely falling apart – we can help.

How Do You Know If Your Chimney Needs Repaired?

If you’re not sure whether or not your chimney needs to be repaired, here are some clear signs that you can easily go ahead and inspect yourself…

1. Your Chimney’s mortar joints are crumbling
2. You see broken bits around the bottom of your chimney
3. There are thin slices of chimney tile in your fireplace
4. There are cracks in the mortar at the top of your chimney
5. The ceiling and/or walls around your chimney are stained
6. There is white staining on your chimney

If you notice any of these issues at your home, please give us a call at
We would be happy to inspect your chimney for damage and provide a free quote!

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